Catching a Silent Breath

I really tried to pull together something good to post today, along the lines of a hopeful grasping at analogical straws, such as the fact that Italy technically survived Berlusconi– but merely showing up for a couple of sentences was the best I could do. Sorry, guys; I just don’t have the heart for words today.



  1. Special K

    And yours as well. I’m currently amazed by the fact that I’ve spent much of my life devoted to the thought, writing, and actions of dissidents, and now that the shit is being brought out in preparation to hit the fan (a situation by which I’m not altogether surprised), I’m at a loss for words– because what can one say that hasn’t already been said, to no apparently meaningful effect upon anyone outside the proverbial choir? Oddly enough, though, I’m somewhat (oddly) reassured by an otherwise general inability to keep my trap shut for long.


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