Train Catalogue #3

I had almost begun to despair of ever seeing another old-fashioned book-reader on the train– and then lo and behold, this morning, I spied through the wall of standing suits a fellow who’d somehow managed to grab a seat, hunched self-protectively over the open book in his lap. I couldn’t tell what he was reading, other than that it took the shape of a standard trade paperback. And I’m not sure whether he snuck out in the middle of a rush of passengers before we reached my stop, or whether he was still cowering between three rear ends at head level and at least two torsos squashed on either side of him when I got off– but I hope he was able to enjoy at least a few paragraphs amid the crush.

From vaskin21 on Wikimedia Commons.

From vaskin21 on Wikimedia Commons.

And what luck! This afternoon, an apparent millennial was looking appropriately disturbed by what she was finding in her copy of Fast Food Nation. Although sad to know we’re still in need of its admonitions, I’m simultaneously happy to see it continues to make the rounds of readers.



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