Train Catalogue #2

Hmm. I fear the paper-bound pickings were almost as slim today as they were on Friday, with my work day bookended by the view of one rider per train with her nose in a novel, each of which seemed to fall within the chick lit genre, at least if Eat, Pray, Love (afternoon train) belongs in that category. I’ll admit, though, that my p.m. round of investigations was deterred by 1) hordes of French teenagers packing the aisle and 2) the vision that was taking its own leisurely time vacating my eyeballs– namely, the full moon my half of the sidewalk received en route to the station, courtesy of a homeless guy who thought he’d show, not tell, us how he felt about the general public right at that moment. That latter offering provided an entirely different sort of text to read, and was as vividly non-digital as you can get.


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