Return to the Land of Words

William H. Drescher

William H. Drescher

It’s amazing how time slips out of your grasp when you’re moving; strings of days go by on either end of the actual translation from one abode to the next; daily activities that are so routine you wouldn’t be you without them (here, we’re talking book-reading) somehow disappear from the list of things you accomplish during the day, and every second seems to be spent in a frantic rush from one bit of tedium to the next.

But I’m more than happy to say that after at least a week spent too tired at the end of the day to even look at the printed page, I might actually get in a few paragraphs of The Adventures of Augie March tonight, having set it aside once done with Christopher Hitchens’ intro, a skimming session which took place after an entire day spent following a U-Haul truck through endless farmland. Maybe the less than functional mental state while reading said intro, and the time between perusing that add-on to Bellows’ work, are good things; since I have no recollection, other than a vague sense of praise, of what Hitchens said, I doubt I’ll be influenced by his commentary. And along those lines, I’ve more or less decided to read intros after having finished a book; much like audio books, where the reader’s voice may create an entirely different feel and set of imagined images to go with the author’s words, a third party’s input into the piece you’re about to read may ruin surprises, even if s/he’s technically not doling out any spoilers.

So: with that resolution, I’ll stop writing, and get to reading. Here’s hoping the resumed intake of others’ words will increase my own output of said product.


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