When Stomach Matter Becomes Charming

I feel I’ve been a bit of a negative Nellie over the last few days, taking digs at the work of people who at least stopped talking about writing a book and actually did something about their ambitions. At any rate, to prove I’m still capable of smiling with enjoyment at the written word, I’ll offer up a quote I found yesterday while doing some research. Behold, in an Observer article dealing with one of the bands from Norway’s black metal scene in the 1990s, author Chris Campion describes Mayhem frontman’s stylings thusly: At its grotesque best, his singing sounds like vomit.” (1)

Because of this well-written, engaging article (which also includes a description of said vocalist as “com[ing] across as a stoned Bela Lugosi”), I actually found myself interested in this one-time phenomenon about which I had initially started reading only because the particular project I was working on demanded it. Even Campion’s employment of a substance more often used as a descriptive reference by fifth-grade boys was, in this instance, perfect.

Here’s to you, good journalism. Even–or maybe especially– when it involves vomit.

(1) Chris Campion, “In the face of death,” The Observer, 19 February 2005.



  1. Special K

    Oh, I'll have to check that out, thanks! I'm slightly concerned about my newfound fascination with this particular group, which probably has something to do with a burgeoning interest in Things Norwegian generally. On a less darker metal-related note, have you seen “Anvil”? It has to be one of my favorite documentaries– one to which friends dragged me, but which I found amazingly inspiring or feel-good or something. Well worth watching.


  2. lostgander

    I haven't seen “Anvil” but I will check it out. I enjoy a good rockumentary. Not too long ago I watched “Last Days Here” about Bobby Liebling, singer of Pentagram. It sent me on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, but it was ultimately inspiring (or something!).


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