More Márai

After rounding up one more bag of book-loot yesterday (two worthwhile sales in two days!), I headed back to my lair to finish The Rebels. Things didn’t, as I’d hoped, take any sort of sincerely sinister turn. Rather, what seemed initially to bear the beautiful-yet-horrific possibilities of a Young Törless turned out in the end to have settled for a somewhat vaguely-explained, not-truly-scandalous-or-memorable climax. As I noted in my brief Goodreads and LibraryThing reviews, Márai just didn’t take things far enough or do them clearly enough. Not an unpleasant read, though; just an indication that the author could have been much bolder.

I’m not sure whether George Steiner has said anything about Márai (cursory investigations aren’t turning anything up), but it would be interesting to hear his thoughts on the man and/or his work. I’m nearing the end of Steiner’s Language and Silence, and although I can only take so much of literary criticism (an attitudinal stance I feel Steiner himself might oddly enough share or have shared at some point), his sometimes-curmudgeonly analysis of pretty much anything never fails to be engaging.


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